Friday, July 26, 2013

Frequently Asked Questions

I write everyday, or so I try. I also try to read the Bible or something spiritual everyday.  Many times the readings cause more questions than give answers, which I believe to be the point in Jesus' teachings.  I was journaling today and realized that probably many of us have the same questions.  I also read that this is what is supposed to happen: God gave the Laws to Moses but that Jesus told parables to make us think about the Laws - He did not give us the laws or answers again.  He encouraged his followers to think and wants us to use our heads, our logic, and reasoning, and still come to our own conclusion about our relationship with God.  I'm also reading the Reaching Jesus: Five steps to a fuller life, by David Knight.  Basically the 5 steps are to:
  1. Choose to be a Christian - make Jesus Christ an active participant in everything I do.
  2. Choose to be a Disciple - actively devote ourselves to being his students; reflect on the message of Jesus
  3. Choose to be a Prophet - someone who professes (bears witness) to  the truth of God publicly
  4. Choose to be a Priest - as a "member of His body" continue Jesus' path and do what he would do; carry on the mission of Jesus Christ
  5. Choose to be a Steward - take responsibility for transforming the world as a steward of Christ's kingship; penetrating every area of human life and activity with principles, values, attitudes, and priorities that Jesus modeled and taught.
Today, I am starting in a little different direction in that I am going to post my questions and my answers or interpretations to my questions.  As I stated in my first post, a reader may feel these answers or interpretations are flawed.  I readily admit that I know very little about the Bible since I have just begun to read it and have very little exposure other than the Gospels read in church. I want my blog to be about "Searching for Truths"....that means asking questions and trying to find the answers.  Sometimes this will be in the form of interpreting my own life events.  These are also the instructions in the 5 Steps - be a student of Jesus; study his life, his words and teachings.  That is what I intend to do.  If it encourages anyone else to find or defend their answers to the questions or my writing, then I have accomplished something else for God.  The relationships we have with God and Jesus Christ are our own.

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