Friday, July 26, 2013

Like dogs and cats?

This morning, I'm sitting on my bed with 2 dogs and 2 cats and they all want my attention and love.  If I talk sweet to one the other is jealous and moves in closer.  It dawns on me that maybe this is how God wants us to be.  I'm not sure if God would approve this analogy because I haven't read one reference to pets in the Bible yet, but it seems to me that we should be like these pets - their total faith is in us (the owners) to care for them, give them love, food, water, and purpose.  It seems to me, that if we were like this toward Jesus, we would be exactly like he wants us to be - "as children," totally dependent on Him.  This is where faith comes in - we can't see the hand that feeds us or get encouraging love-speak from God as he loves on us or "pets" us.  It feels totally one-sided and so we have to "trust in the Lord" that he is caring for us - not that we are doing it by ourselves.

I think this is in conflict to the way we were raised and the way we raise our children because we teach that they need to grow up and work hard and be self-sufficient.  People worked in the Biblical times, too so what is the difference?  Didn't Adam and Eve ruin the life of leisure for us all - we all have to work because of them?  So why do we work if God is going to take care of all of our needs? I think because somewhere in that thought process, there is a flaw....If I stopped working tomorrow, how would the bills be paid?  If I didn't pay the bills, the electricity would be shut off, the cars would be repossessed, and the bank would own the house....I would be homeless and that is a dangerous life for one like me.  That is my perception.  So we have to assume that God intends for us to keep working to cover our Earthly needs but that he provides the means and the ways for us to work.  Is that right?  So our job then, is to use the gifts God has given us for his glory.  Work to meet our Earthly needs by using the gifts God has given us.  Sounds simple enough but then the question becomes - What are my gifts and am I using them?

So I was just thinking that I've always been able to write....maybe that's what I'm supposed to do.  Instead of keeping these questions and thoughts to myself as I work through them, maybe I'm supposed to be putting these out there for anyone to read.  This way, I'm being the disciple and learning along with other disciples and also being the priest by helping get God's words to others possibly inspiring them to want to learn.  Am I knowledgeable enough to write about a topic such as this?  Clearly not!  But the premise is about answering questions - not me - getting others to think also and answer for themselves.  Hopefully, I'll explore questions that are common to many and allow others with doubts to feel free to come forward with their own thoughts and questions.  Bottom line, I think God will help me if this is what he wants me to do.

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